Digital Sound Maps Activity

Please take some time to explore your assigned sound map. After spending at least 15 minutes listening to and interacting with the site on your own, discuss the following questions with your group. Be prepared to share your group’s observations with the class.

-What does the sound map allow listeners to learn or understand? What kinds of information does the soundscape make available to listeners?

-Consider how the map is designed (visually, sonically, textually). What do you think is most useful or interesting about its design? Are there features that could make it better somehow (e.g. how might it be more accessible, or perhaps more immersive)?

-What do you think is most valuable about sound mapping as an activity? How is is different from listening in the physical space of the places that are being represented?

-What are some potential limitations or constraints of digital sound mapping?

Group 1–New Orleans:’s

[Thomas, David, Imani, Keira, Jamie, Joanne]

Group 2–London:

[Tina, Tyler, Cullen, Trevor, Champ, Meghan]

Group 3–The Western Soundscapes Archive

[Sean, Ben, Janet, Sam, Katy, Ryan]



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