So one of the mmost interesting things in here to me was the idea of technologically induced noise pollution. As I was reading the pnoticed noticed that the cable box was making this constant mechanical processing noise. I stopped for a few minutes to listen and think, and I realized that this sound is part of my sonic environment at home. I continued to think about it and I thought about how I often have trouble sleeping when I go to my family’s lake cabin in Vermont, where there are zero tech noises. It’s so interesting that I’ve become so accustomed to tech noise pollution that it’s almost comforting/soothing/white noise. Thought that was cool. The end



One thought on “LaBelle

  1. LaBelle
    I wouldn’t want to be the person who has to decide what ethicals levels of noise would be. First off I would have to change the wording and use something other than ethical. It is such a big word and there are levels of understanding and interpretation of the word. How about: Establishing cultural norm for acceptable sound levels in public situations. I don’t know. LaBelle made a mistake by not realizing that she was in a “Quiet Room” in an airport. I wonder if she had been the one knowingly in a quiet room and somebody else decided to have a conversation on a cell phone then.

    Certainly an experience such as the one she encountered in the airport can make one stop and think of how to create such spaces and how to manage them. Sound that might be stressful or annoying to some might go unnoticed by others. The quietness and sanctitude of the suburbs is always being interrupted by a lawn mower. To others however a lawn mower is a sound that has simply become a part of everyday suburban living. It means summer is hear and let’s all open our windows for some refreshing outside air. Perhaps we can look past the occasional John Deere doing laps next door and listen to the birds instead. It’s funny that if we didn’t make lawnmower sound out neighbors or the Home Owners Association would want to have a word or two with us regarding the untidy lawn we all have to look at.

    If a person was to be imprisoned it is said that they could go mad due to the silence. I don’t think the madness would necessarily come from silence but from the lack constructed communications with others. Perhaps prisoners were to remain silent for what ever reason but it doesn’t mean that there was no sound. And people have learn to communicate with out the use of words or audible conversation. Tapping on a wall might not be speaking but, it is by no means silence.

    I guess in some ways silence can be looked at if not a language but indeed a way of communicating.


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