Response to Labelle

Labelle talks about how sound changed the home with the invention and advancement of technology. New devices like the vacuum cleaner, radio, and the gramophone changed the soundscapes of the home disturbing its surrounding neighbors. People who could afford these devices were not disturb by the sound, however; the people who could not afford these items found the sound to be uncomfortable and annoying. What happens next is the development of communities to combat sound so that people could live together in harmony. Neighborhoods were then structured so that people could enjoy their radios, gramophones, and what ever other devices they wanted to without disturbing others who lived around them. Also, Labelle talks about how communities were designed to put people together who make the same types of soundscapes. There are communities for the older citizens, condos for the young citizens, and single family homes for parents and parents to be. I always thought that the more money you make the better your living conditions, which is somewhat true. However; I did not know that the structure of my neighborhood came to be because of sound. The sad part about this is that the poorer neighborhoods did not receive this kind of treatment when it came to constructing their communities around soundscapes and I think that this is sad. I thought to myself is this why there is so much unrest in the poorer neighborhoods because their environments are not structured for them to live in peace. The article goes on to talk about the culdesac and that it was formed to keep traffic away from the home owner, thus provided less road noise and fumes from those who live within the culdesac. I think that this article is very interesting and shows how discriminating our society is towards the poor. It is sad that in designing communities to combat sound, the developers actually separated the rich from the poor and the new prosperous communities prospered and the low economic communities got poorer and neighborhoods were destroyed.

In conclusion, the wave of technology took the world by storm and the people who could afford to pay for these noisy devices gained protection from them by being able to live in an suburban environment that protected them from the noisy sounds that they did not want to hear. The poor were left to suffer and not in silence, as they were exposed to unwanted sound and smog from cars.


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