Sound Design

When I think of sound production, I think of sound produced for video games, various toys, cell phones and appliances like a stove or dryer. I do not think about a bag of chips, a bottle of juice, or mascara. I think that is ridiculous. I have never purchased eye mascara for the sound the tube makes when the cap is closed and I have worn brands like MAC, Channel, Clinique, Cover girl, Black Opal, and Wet-n-Wild. For me, it doesn’t matter the cost and the tubing is irrelevant as long as the product is safely concealed; I make my choice based on the quality of the product. I can not see a woman buying make up based on the sound a tube makes when it is closed, I just don’t get it. I am also in shock about a tampon wrapper having to be quiet because it is being used in a public restroom. What about the sound one makes when urinating or passing gas, I find that to be more embarrassing than opening a tampon wrapper in a public restroom. However; I can see the need for sound production when it comes to computers and computer software, I just did not know how awfully expensive it was to produce a couple of seconds of sound. I will say this again, I do not care about the sound a bag of potato chips makes, when I am hungry I open the bag and I eat them  and that’s it. Also, Snapple is not the only product that makes that sound when one opens their juice bottle. Any product that has an air tight seal will make that sound and after one opens the product, the lid of the bottle or jar sticks up because the air tight seal is broken. Jars of jelly, garlic peanut butter, and even cans of juice make that sound also.


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