AudacityA free, user-friendly audio editor and recorder.

Audacity Manual. A helpful guide for using Audacity.

SoundCiteA tool that enables users to embed sound directly into a textual narrative (so that you can play a sound without being redirected away from the text); an excellent resource for making interactive audio/textual narratives.

SoundCloudAn online audio distribution platform that allows anyone to share, download, and house their audio projects.

The Free Sound ProjectA massive library of downloadable and sharable sounds to use in audio projects. 

Jamendo. Royalty free music downloads.

Sound BibleFree sound clips, bites, and effects.

Creative Commons AudioAnother place to look for sound effects and music (with appropriate licenses that indicate how people should use and/or cite borrowed sounds). 

Sound + Body

NYPD Uses Military-Grade Sonic Weapon on Eric Garner Protesters

This is the Sound Canon Used Against Protestors in Ferguson

Stelarc: Ear on Arm

Google Science Fair: Listening to Music Through Vibration

Deaf Since Birth, Artist Christine Sun Kim Explores the Social Rules of Sound

The World Listening Project

Autophony: Listening to Your Eyes Move

Sound + Environment 

Sounds of Google Street View

What Will Our Cities Sound Like in the Future?

The Search for Silence


FoundSounds App

How Your Home’s Soundscape Directs Your Online Shopping

The Cornell Lab of Ornithnology

Here’s What a Map of the World Sounds Like

What Can 3-D Sound Mapping Do For You?

MoMa Soundscape Exhibition

The Quest to Find the First Soundscape

The National Mall: A Location-Aware Sound App

Sonic Objects + Technologies

Sonic Boom: How Digital Technology Is Transforming Our Relationship with Sound

Product Sound Gone Wrong

Plug Your Headphones Into This Billboard and Travel to Another City

Quotidian Record

Enjoy the Silence

Spy Lamp That Can Secretly Listen in on Conversations and Live Tweet Everything That You Say

Sonic Paintings

For the Best Sound Quality, Does the Format Really Matter?

Hear the Evolution of Apple’s Iconic Startup Sound for the Mac

The Future of the Web is Audible

What the Internet Sounds Like

Sound + Food

Food Opera

Four Asparagus Compositions

Sound Is the Forgotten Flavor Sense

The Taste of Sound

Sound Can Change Our Perception of Food

Why We Like Food That Makes Noise

The Sound (And Taste) of Music

China’s Dining Acrobatics

Snap, Crackle, Pop: The Sonic Pleasures of Food

Food in Opera (BBC Radio 4)

Journals, Blogs, Collections, + Special Issues

Sounding Out! Blog

Sonic Rhetorics

Writing with Sound

Sound in/as Composition Space

Journal of Sonic Studies

Ear | Wave | Event

Provoke! Digital Sound Studies


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