Note: We will discuss all reading, viewing, and/or listening on the day that it is listed (so it should be done by the start of class on that day). All PDF readings can be found under “Course Documents” in Blackboard. Please come to class prepared to participate in activities and discussions.

Week 1: Hellos

Wednesday August 26:

-Overview of Course & Assignments

Week 2: Why Sound (in an English Department)?

Monday August 31:

-Cynthia Selfe. “The Movement of Air, The Breath of Meaning.” [PDF]

-Jonathan Sterne. “Sonic Imaginations.” [PDF]

Wednesday September 2:

-Michelle Comstock and Mary Hocks. “Voice in the Cultural Soundscape.”

-Erin Anderson. “Toward a Resonant Material Vocality for Digital Composition.”


Week 3: Listening Experiences | Intro to “My Listening Body” Project

Monday September 7: No Class—Labor Day [readings still due]

-Pauline Oliveros. “Deep Listening.” [PDF]

-Liana Silva, Ed. Sounding Out! Blog Forum on Gendered Voices: “Echo and the Chorus of Female Machines” + “Finding My Voice While Listening to John Cage” + “The Hell, the High Water, and the Funk of It All” + “As Loud As I Want to Be” + “Vocal Gender and the Gendered Soundscape” + “Gendered Voices and Social Harmony”

-Gus Stadler. “On Whiteness and Sound Studies.” 

Wednesday September 9: [LAST DAY TO DROP/ADD]

-Due: Blog Post (due by 9am on 9/9)

-Stephanie Kerschbaum, “Mode” section of Multimodality in Motion (this includes parts called “Modality,” “Commensurability,” “Retrofitting,” and “Design.”)

-Evelyn Glennie. “Hearing Essay.” + “How to Truly Listen.”

[ Recommended: Thomas Riedlesheimer’s documentary, Touch the Sound ]

Week 4: Sound, Violence, Death | Drafts of “My Listening Body” Due

Monday September 14:

-Jonathan Sterne. “A Resonant Tomb.” [PDF]

-Lily Hay Newman. “This Is the Sound Canon Used Against Protesters in Ferguson.”

-Justine Sharrock. “The Torture Playlist.”

-Tim Jonze. “Brittany Spears’ Music Used By British Navy to Scare Off Somali Pirates.”

[ Recommended: Steve Goodman. Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect, and the Ecology of Fear. (PDF) ]

Wednesday September 16:

-Peer Workshop “My Listening Body” Projects [Drafts Due!]

[ if you would like to meet to talk about your project one on one, please email me to set up an appointment for next week ]

Week 5: Multisensory Dining Event Intro

Monday September 21:

-The Perfect Meal Ch: 1 + 2

-Ben Houge. “Food Opera: Merging Taste and Sound in Real Time.”

-Design Team Assignments

Wednesday September 23:

-The Perfect Meal Ch 3 (up to pg 81) + Ch 4

-Amy Fleming. “How Sound Effects the Taste of Our Food.” 

-Design Team Brainstorming

Week 6: Performing Bodies | “My Listening Body” Projects Due

Monday September 28:

-Project Presentations + Discussion

Wednesday September 30:

-Project Presentations + Discussion


Week 7: Foundations | Intro to “Mapping Sound” Project

Monday October 5:

-R. Murray Schafer. The Soundscape. [PDF]

-Kendall Wrightson, “Intro to Acoustic Ecology.” [PDF]

-Bernie Krause. “The Voice of the Natural World.” 

Wednesday October 7:

-Due by Friday October 9: 10 sounds uploaded to map

“99% Noise” 99% Invisible Podcast.

“Tips on Recording in the Field.” Quiet American.

-In-Class Activity: Digital Sound Map Analysis

Week 8: Placing Sound | Multisensory Dining Event

Monday October 12:

-Due: Blog Post—Response to LaBelle

-Brandon Labelle. Acoustic Territories: Sound Culture and Everyday Life. Ch 2. Home: Ethical Volumes of Silence and Noise (45-84) [PDF]

Wednesday October 14:

-No Formal Class: Field Trip to UMD, College Park—meet with DCC students (stay tuned for details)

-Due by Friday October 16: 10 sounds uploaded to map

Week 9: Multisensory Dining Event

Monday October 19:

-The Perfect Meal Ch 6

Wednesday October 21:

-No Formal Class (Dr. Ceraso at Georgetown)

-Due: 10 sounds uploaded to map

The Perfect Meal Ch 7 + 9

Week 10:

Monday October 26:

-Multisensory Dining Event Planning

Wednesday October 28:

-No formal class; email Dr. Ceraso progress reports and sound production schedules

The Perfect Meal Ch 10 + 11


Week 11: Sounds that Sell: Intro to “Sonic Objects” Project

Monday November 2:

-Due: Reflections for “Mapping Sound” Project

-Presentation & Discussion of UMBC Digital Sound Map

Wednesday November 4:

-Due: Blog Post—Response to this week’s readings

-Kyle VanHemert. “GE’s New Emphasis on Appliances: Sound Design.”

-Thomas Rickert. “Music@Microsoft.Windows: Composing Ambience.” 

-Ellen Byron. “The Search for Sweet Sounds that Sell.”

“The Sizzle.” 99% Invisible Podcast.

Week 12: Sonic Objects + Multisensory Dining Event Planning

Monday November 9:

-Sonic Object Workshop

Wednesday November 11:

-Peer workshop: drafts of sound for Multisensory Dining Event due!

Week 13: “Sonic Objects” Project Due

Monday November 16:

-Presentations and Discussion

Wednesday November 18:

-Presentations and Discussion

Week 14: Multisensory Dining Event Planning

Monday November 23:

-Multisensory Dining Event Planning [teams will meet with Dr. Ceraso this week in lieu of class]

Wednesday November 25:

-No Formal Class: continue tweaking sound for Multisensory Dining Event

Week 15: Multisensory Dining Event!

Monday November 30:

-Final Prep for Multisensory Dining Event [final run through]

Wednesday December 2:

-No Formal Class—Multisensory Dining Event at UMD, College Park (stay tuned for details)

Week 16: Goodbyes

Monday Dec 7:

-Last Day of Class | Multisensory Dining Event Debrief


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